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Life Coping conducts a comprehensive evaluation for each client to determine the level of required services:

  • Existing symptoms and ongoing medical treatment
  • Emotional status of the client
  • Medications and ability to manage them on a daily basis
  • Cognitive ability; testing for dementia
  • Ability to use telephone, manage finances and perform housework
  • Ability to use transportation, shop and prepare meals.
  • Use of walker, cane or crutches and required modifications to home environment

Development of a Care Plan for Seniors

Life Coping then develops a care plan including some or all of the following elements:

  • Referrals for personal care, homemaking and nursing
  • Coordination of services, medical appointments, treatments and medications
  • Safety and emergency planning
  • Transportation
  • Social support

Development of Care Plan for Developmentally Disabled or Acquired Brain Disorder

For in-home support of the developmentally disabled – Medicaid Waivers: DD, ABD and IHS-DD – our Case Manager/ Service Coordinator will meet with you to:

  • Determine Medicaid eligibility to see if you are able to access the DD, IHS-DD, and ABD waivers or if you have a private payer source
  • Set up appointments and walk the individual through the eligibility process for the appropriate waiver under Medicaid
  • Organize through the New Hampshire Area Agency the referral process and pick the appropriate vendor to provide the services
  • Establish the Individual Service Plan that provides the blue print for the service needed
  • Provide oversight and quality assurance of services offered and supplies