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Independent Living for Seniors


dining_outdoorsOur staff members are licensed professionals with extensive experience in nursing, public health, home care and human services. We have built a solid reputation for quality care and service throughout the state of New Hampshire, and because of our work, many seniors continue to live healthy, independent lives in their own homes. We also offer guidance with the selection of assisted living facilities and continuing care:

  • Licensed Care Management
  • Needs Assessments
  • Care Planning Service Arrangements & Monitoring
  • Guidance in Health and Long Term Care
  • Medicaid Services for Elderly and Disabled Clients
  • Consultations

Life Coping enables elderly individuals to live at home with independence and dignity:

  • Develops a comprehensive care plan through ongoing assessment and evaluation
  • Coordinates delivery of appropriate services in through referral, advocacy and monitoring to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Coordinates clients, families and service providers while accessing both private and public funding sources
  • Facilitates integration between long-term care and other medical service providing the highest performance standards in case management
  • Works to understand diversity among caregivers and care recipients and to provide appropriate cultural and linguistic support
  • Provides ongoing in-service training for all staff to ensure that the latest information and skills are available to all clients
  • Supports client lifestyles to delay or prevent institutionalization