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Robert: A Sick, Elderly Man Can Stay at Home

Louise D, sister of Robert R

“I am writing this note to let you know how much
Life Coping has been a blessing in our lives. My brother Robert is a very sick man and if it was not for the services and support that he receives from Life Coping I do not even want to think of how we would be handling his illness and the care that he requires.

Life Coping Agency and especially Joanna T had been our lifeline to keeping Robert at home as long as we possibly can.

Life Coping has made it possible for Robert to stay at home and they have been there for him whenever he needed them. Words alone cannot express our true feelings about how we are thankful for all that Life Coping has done for us, always treating Robert with respect.

All of our experiences with your agency have been a positive one. I definitely would recommend Life Coping to anyone that has a loved one in need of managed care at home.

Thank you for all that you have and still are doing for Robert.”

Gratefully Yours