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Sean: A Child with Chronic Kidney Disease and Multiple Complications

sean_corey_side-300x270Patricia, Sean’s mother “I wish to acknowledge and thank Life Coping for proving independent care management for my son, Sean William. Sean, who is 5 years young, has chronic kidney disease, severe bilateral hydronephrosis, chronic bladder disease, seizure disorder, hypertension, dietary issues, compromised immune system, feeding disorder, developmental delay and a heart murmur. Life Coping has gone above and beyond in helping me “manage” Sean’s medically complex care. When the Division of Health and Human Services wanted to put my son in a pediatric nursing home at the cost of $150,000 a year, Life Coping advocated for a cost-effective in-home plan that cost only $28,000 a year.


sean_corey_cuLife Coping helps me navigate through the day-to-day and long-term challenges of caring for my chronically ill son. They assist me with identifying Sean’s daily needs, care planning and ensure that those needs are delivered. Life Coping further works with New Hampshire’s Health and Human Services to safely keep Sean in his home environment versus him being transferred to a long-term medical facility. They have coordinated the highest level of medically effective and cost-effective services for Sean William.
Life Coping developed a comprehensive care plan for Sean and manages his care through ongoing assessments and evaluations. Melissa Trembley, Sean’s Case Manager with Life Coping, coordinates and ensures the quality of his care. Melissa further advocates for Sean regarding critical decisions involving reconstructive surgical procedures. For example, she brilliantly facilitated meetings that actually got Sean’s physicians to “listen” to the possibility of performing a reconstructive procedure that would give Sean a more “normal life.”

Not only did Sean’s physicians agree to the reconstructive surgery, they developed a “light bulb” during his surgery and performed a procedure never done before. Thanks to Melissa’s advocacy, and the reconstructive surgery, Sean is currently living off of less-then-one kidney and has avoided renal dialysis to-date (which is a HUGE medical cost savings).


sean_blood_pressure-291x300Being a caregiver is emotional, painful and stressful. Melissa provides me the trustworthy support I need to continue caring for Sean William. Life Coping has truly helped me “manage” Sean’s life challenges. They have been a blessing to my family. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of care management.”