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Life coping for elderly individuals

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Life coping for the developmentally disabled

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Life coping for the physically disabled

About Us

We use a person-centered approach to assist clients and families in identifying needs and seeing that those needs are met. Our goal is to assist individuals so that they can remain safely and independently in their homes.

Our Services

We enable elderly and adult disabled individuals to live at home with maximum independence and dignity. Life Coping, Inc. also supports children and adults with developmental disabilities, and adults with an acquired brain disorder.

Our Process

Life Coping, Inc. first conducts a comprehensive assessment for each client to determine the level of required services. We then develop a unique care plan specifically customized for that individual and their family.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am writing this note to let you know how much Life Coping has been a blessing in our lives. My brother Robert is a very sick man and if it was not for the services and support that he receives from Life Coping I do not even want to think of how we would be handling his illness and the care that he requires. Life Coping Agency and especially Joanna T have been our lifeline to keeping Robert at home as long as we possibly can.”

“My case manager Susan Kropa has been very helpful in getting me comfortable with my disability. In the beginning she helped me connect with daily services throughout GSIL and has been able to get me regular visits from the visiting nurses. When we were planning my new accessible home, she had a list of contacts and information where I could get the types of products i need, such as automatic door openers.”

Sean’s Story

“I wish to acknowledge and thank Life Coping for proving independent care management for my son, Sean William. Sean, who is 5 years young, has chronic kidney disease, severe bilateral hydronephrosis, chronic bladder disease, seizure disorder, hypertension, dietary issues, compromised immune system, feeding disorder, developmental delay and a heart murmur. Life Coping has gone above and beyond in helping me “manage” Sean’s medically complex care.”

— Patricia, Sean’s mother